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We believe that information is the key to empowering people to reach their creative goals. We are dedicated to providing accessible opportunities for anyone to learn, grow, and progress in the art of weaving. Regardless of background or experience level, our classes offer a welcoming environment where you can acquire new skills, expand your knowledge, and unleash your artistic potential. Our mission is to support you on your journey, providing the tools and guidance needed to transform your creative goals into tangible woven masterpieces.


We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with on a daily basis should add to the beauty of our environment and that everyday items can be a work of art. We strive to produce long-lasting, high-quality goods, and useful handwoven objects with an emphasis on sustainability. Everything created at The Crossed Knot is one-of-a-kind and made with love from the Midwest!

Portrait of The Crossed Knot owner, Julia Blake, resting her head on her hand.


Owner | Instructor

Julia has spent the last 8 years teaching weaving & weaving-adjacent skills to adults (and children) of widely varying abilities. She believes that information is the key to empowering people to be their best and do their best.

"The one thing everyone has in common is the capacity to learn. My personal teaching philosophy is that if someone isn’t understanding, I'm explaining it wrong."

Julia has a slightly unhealthy obsession with sharing knowledge and is even more motivated when she can do so in a way that the receiver enjoys the process.

Potato (long haired black cat) sits atop a loom looking upward.


Studio Supervisor | QC Specialist

Potato has been an integral part of The Crossed Knot team since he joined us in 2017. His brutal honesty combined with his special ability to point out flaws without using words has kept us working to the highest standard.

Miss Moo (a white cat with black spots) sitting on a leather couch facing away from the camera.


Studio Support Cat

Moo is a textbook introvert. She has found the perfect role behind the scenes at The Crossed Knot. You may never catch a glimpse of her because the majority of her work is done after hours. Moo is the "yin" to Potato's "yang." She can often be found making sure the team gets enough rest and is an expert in "Biscuit-style" massage.

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