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For all private lessons, you'll have the instructor's undivided attention and guidance, which can help accelerate your learning and ensure that you're able to achieve your weaving goals. With a focus on individualized instruction, you'll be able to learn at your own pace and receive feedback that's tailored specifically to your needs.


$50 / hr

Weaving classes customized to your needs. Private lessons in person at The Crossed Knot weaving studio gives you access to a full range of weaving tools and equipment. This includes everything from 4 and 8 harness floor and table looms to warping equipment, weaving books & drafts, bobbin winders, shuttles, and more. With all of the necessary equipment at your disposal, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the weaving process and gain a deeper understanding of the craft. Whether you're a complete beginner looking to try out weaving on a pre-set up loom, or or an experienced weaver looking to expand your skill set, owner and instructor Julia Blake will work with you to create a personalized curriculum that takes into account your interest and skill level. The Crossed Knot is located in Skokie, IL. Our cat-friendly home studio is a 6-minute walk from the Oakton-Skokie Yellow Line stop. Street parking is readily available.

Accessibility note: The studio is located down one flight of stairs, but adjustments to in-studio lessons can be made. Please mention any physical or environmental concerns at the time of scheduling.


$75 /  hr

Weaving classes, or loom dressing help in the comfort of your own home. With the convenience of learning in your own space, you'll be able to get familiar with your own tools and equipment in the environment you are already used to. Whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced weaver looking to expand your skill set, instructor Julia Blake will work with you to create a personalized curriculum that takes you into account your interest and skill level. During each lesson, you'll receive one-on-one instruction and guidance through each step of the process, offering feedback and tips to help you improve your technique and achieve your weaving goals. Alternatively, just sit back and let Julia dress your loom for you.

Please note: Private weaving lessons that take place at your home and require a house call that is more than 11 miles away from the instructor's location may incur additional travel expenses in line with the current IRS mileage rate. This will be communicated to you in advance by your instructor so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings.


$40 / hr

Weaving classes at the click of a button. For our long-distance weavers, we are excited to offer this convenient and flexible way to learn new skills - no travel necessary!

During each virtual private lesson, you'll receive one-on-one instruction from instructor Julia Blake via video chat. Julia will work with you to create a personalized curriculum that takes into account your interests, skill level, and learning style. You'll be able to learn and practice in real-time with the guidance of an experienced instructor, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on your technique.

Virtual private weaving lessons can be customized to your unique needs and goals, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced weaver looking to expand your skills. These private lessons also a great option for those who have questions about purchasing weaving tools and equipment, as your instructor can guide you on what decisions will be best for you (The Crossed Knot is not affiliated with any weaving tool/equipment manufacturers).

Virtual lessons can be recorded and reviewed later, which can be a helpful tool for reinforcing what you've learned when practicing on your own.


$100 per project

Send a list of your materials and your basic set-up (weaving width, number of treadles, reed size, etc.), and what you’d like to end up with. After a short voice or video call, Julia will do all of the hard work, then send you a .wif of your full project along with instructions and notes to make your next project a total success.

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